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Hope Academy: A Good Choice

Hope Academy: A Good Choice

September is around the corner; so is the new school year. As parents, we face many choices. And one of those choices is the kind of education our children receive. We easily assume there is only one kind of education for our children and that is publicly, state funded education. Our choice, it seems, is limited to public school ‘A’ nearby or public school ‘B’ a little further down the street.

Yet as parents you might not necessarily be happy with the kind of education your children are receiving. The social and political agendas foisted on your children from a very young age do not reflect your values. You feel uncomfortable with what is being taught.

But as the saying goes, ‘we need to think outside of the box.’ For your children, you have broader choices. There are privately funded schools. Hope Academy is one such school. It is a Christian mission elementary school open to children from all backgrounds and religions. It is an accredited school and has high academic standards. The focus is on reading, writing and arithmetic.

It is also a safe and caring environment. Being a smaller school, the children receive excellent, individual attention from caring and loving teachers. The teachers also work closely, openly and honestly with parents, desiring to see their children flourish and excel. The focus is on academics but it is also an environment where children learn obedience and respect. The teachers at Hope Academy see education as building blocks for the children’s future where they can contribute to the world with the knowledge they are already gaining.

A board of highly qualified men and women oversee Hope Academy. They volunteer their time, meet together frequently and take active interest by visiting the school, ensuring that all things are running smoothly. The board also keeps contact with the base of supporters who contribute financially toward this school. The tuition, we believe, is affordable to parents who wish to send their children. More importantly, we encourage parents to see Hope cademy as an investment in the future of their children.

We believe Hope Academy is a good choice for your child. The choice of a school for your children is one of the most important choices you can make in your life. Check out the school at www.hope-academy.ca