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The Problem of Racism

The Problem of ‘Racism’

I dislike the term ‘racism.’ Not because discrimination or prejudice does not exist. It does exist.

But ‘racism’, I would suggest, is not a good word to use to describe discrimination towards those of a different color or from a different nation. The term ‘racism’ suggests that there is more than one race; that there are a number of races.

But there is only one human race, and we all come from the same original set of human parents, whom God created. The Bible calls them Adam and Eve.

Neither is the term ‘racism’ a helpful one. There may be good intentions in using it, but the term itself, I believe, only fuels the sort of thing that society wants to stamp out.

“Racism’ a loaded term fits quite easily, hand in hand, with Darwin’s theory of evolution, the `survival of the fittest`. If, as Darwin theorized, man evolved from monkeys, then some ‘races’ might be more evolved than others, depending on where they are on the scale of evolution. One ‘race’ might be superior; another inferior.

This is not helpful; this theory of Darwin is harmful in our school curriculums and it incites racism; aside from the fact that his theory is not the truth.

There are a variety of skin colors and ethnic groups. But there are not a variety of races; but there is a variety within the one race, called the human race. God created Adam and Eve genetically, in such a way, that all the skin colors we see today, are possible. Buddy Davis, in a song he wrote, says it well in the chorus:
We’re one blood; we’re one people;
you can trace our family tree,
all the way through history,
back to Adam, back to Eve.
We’re one blood; we’re created in the image of our God,
made to worship, made to love; we’re one blood.

This is the truth and we can praise God for His creativity in the one human race.

I would advocate doing away with the term ‘racism’ and suggest using such words as ‘prejudice’ or ‘discrimination.’ More than that, we need to reject Darwin’s theory of evolution and return to teaching creation and that God created man in His own image. Only then do we lay the foundations for true love and respect.