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Jesus Knows Our Need

Jesus Knows Our Need

I know Christmas is past.  That was December 25.  Now it is January 2020.  A new year has begun.  But I would like to pass on the message of Christmas as we enter into the New Year 2020.

I want to share some words of encouragement with you, words from a professor who was also my professor some years ago. 

The heart of Christmas is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. He the Son of God became man without losing His deity.  “Jesus really is true God and true man at the same time, two natures held together in one Person, Jesus Christ.”  Why is this truth so important?

Because we have one who cares, one who knows our need! If Jesus was only a man, then “God has not entered history in order to touch it, save it and change it. But if Jesus is not a man, then God is still above us.“ Then He has not come to us on our level.

In order to be made like us, to be like the people He came to save, He took our flesh and blood.   He became true man in our history. He entered time and space.  And this is a great, great comfort.  Why so?  As my professor says, “He knows what we go through. He knows. He understands temptations. He knows the loss we experience.”  He was tempted in every way like us, except He did not sin.  He cried, when His friend Lazarus died.

He became man in order “to enter our suffering and join it, as He took our sins upon Himself, bore our sins on the cross;” that is, He died for the sins of all who trust on Him to be their Savior.  Today He lives, having overcome sin and death for all who believe in Him.  He is not distant. He is near. He knows our need. He still knows what we are going through. He gives new life and strength. He has the power to because He is God!

As we enter a new year, know that Jesus cares. He understands. He knows our needs. He knows what we need.  There is hurt; there is pain; there are puzzling situations. He knows. The world is in His hands. He promises that He will work it out for the good of all who trust Him.