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Knowing God (Part 2)

Knowing God

   [2nd part]

In our last article [February 2020] we concluded that we come to know God through His creation.  His creation bears wonderful testimony of who He is. His majesty and wisdom radiate throughout all creation.   His universe “is before your eyes like a beautiful book. . . ”   His witness is clear, so plain, that man is without excuse for not knowing Him. 


The problem is not the clarity of God’s witness.  The problem is ours.   Because of sin, mankind is unable to see and receive the clear witness of God.  That’s why he can’t know God from the creation.  That’s why there is so much confusion over who God is today. It’s not God’s fault.  His witness is plain to all. It is man’s fault entirely. 


So God in His grace has made Himself known to us in a second way.  We come to know Him through the Scripture.   “He makes Himself known to us more openly by His holy and divine Word” [from Belgic Confession]. This is the Bible, His verbal witness, His Word.  


We come to know God more fully in the Bible – “as much as we need in this life for His glory and for our salvation.”   By coming to know God through His word, we then also see God’s plain witness in creation.  It’s so freeing!  It’s so amazing!  God is so amazing and so wonderful. I now see the magnificent skies in the night with different eyes.  I know Him. His witness is plain in the creation!  I see one cell of the human body and the complexities of one cell are stunning. I know God. The wonder and appreciation of Him is now so different than when I didn’t know Him through His Word.


His Word helps me see. His Word is powerful enough to open my eyes and make me see again.  Someone has stated it this way.  The Bible, the Word of God, are the spectacles or new eyes glasses by which I can now see and interpret all other things as God wants me to. 


Do you want to know God?  That Word became flesh. His name is Jesus. He took the responsibility for sin on the cross to reconcile us to God. Do believe in Him, for by Him you come to know the true and living God, not only by means of  His word but also by means ofthe creation around us.