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Who Would Think -- School at Home?

Who Would Think – School At Home?
Three months ago, if the teachers of your children would have said to you, “Next month your children will have their school at home,” you may have been upset. 

Now we find ourselves in that situation!   We find ourselves in a ‘new normal.’  So much has changed in two months!   Our children are now at school in our homes.  With social distancing measures in place, it may seem like ‘long-distance’ education.  

But is it?  Many parents, father or mother, are home with their children.  More and more I am hearing positive reports from parents helping their children to learn at home.  Parents are more directly involved in the education of their children than ever before! 

I am hearing positive remarks from parents who have children at our school, Hope Academy.  One mom said, “I think I’m enjoying the stories we have to read as much as the students.” She also mentioned that her kids were waking up early and competing to see who can get the most done.  Another parent mentioned how she always struggled with math as a student, but now that she is watching the lessons with her child she is understanding it!  She laughed that she is learning right along with her grade 5 student.

This may not be true for all parents but it is encouraging to hear ‘good news’ stories like this during this dark time of the pandemic.  The teachers of Hope Academy are also happy to assist the parents during this time.

There are some ‘unexpected’ benefits that we see occurring between parents and children now that the children have school at home. One of these is bonding. There is a closer bonding between parent and child. Though patience may at times be tested (!), this is is encouraging to see.  

This relates to the second benefit, which is communication.  Parents are talking more with their children now that they are directly involved with their education at home.  They see them more than ‘just on their devices.’  

Third, parents see and know, first hand, the education their children are receiving. Some are learning along with them.  This leads me to the conclusion that ultimately parents are the primary teachers.  God has given children to parents first of all.  So they should know what is being taught to their children.  Parents ought to guide and lead their little ones!