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Being Faithful to Your Wife

Being Faithful to Your Wife

My heart breaks when I hear of husbands cheating on their wives. I think of a situation where a wife and mother of her children is living at home and her husband, though living at home, is spending time, even nights away, with another lady. The grief and hardship is unimaginable. He is ruining the family.

You may be wondering why I am addressing husbands and not wives. After all, God’s command not to commit adultery applies to both husbands and wives.

But the husband is the head of his family and bears primary responsibility for his family. When he abdicates his role as husband and father, to spend time with another woman, he is not being faithful. He is breaking trust with the wife of his youth and wounding the love of his children for a lifetime, all for the sake of temporary pleasure. That temporary pleasure, God is displeased with.

It’s so wrong. It’s a violation of the marriage bond.

God made marriage to be between one man and one woman for life. No doubt, love gets tested. Your wife has faults. The flame seems to die down. Desires run out of control. Relationships break.

But look at the cost!

If this is you, please don’t think there is no way out for you. I have heard men say, “I’ve started on this bad path anyway, I’ll just keep on going. I’ve done it once, so I might as well just keep playing the field.”

No! There is hope for you.

I counsel people to turn from their old life and turn to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness of sin and new life in Him. Being the Son of God, He left His eternal glory to come into this world to offer Himself as the perfect sacrifice for sinners. He arose again to give new life to all who believe in Him.

Look at what it cost Him. He gave His life. That’s how much He loves!

This is where a new life begins – by turning to Jesus. I have seen a husband returning to his wife and his wife forgiving him. No doubt this was the power of Jesus at work in their lives. I know a man, who years later, asked his wife and his grown children to forgive him for leaving them for another woman. Jesus had forgiven him. The burden of his guilt was removed.

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